Toys and board games, big winners in containment

Toys and board games, big winners in containment

Purchases of both new and used board games exploded during the closing period, but with the arrival of spring break, the French also turned to outdoor games, whose sales rose by 20% between 13 and 19 April compared to the same week a year earlier.

This is one of the few sectors to benefit from the crisis. Since the beginning of the containment, sales of games and toys have risen sharply, a sign that consumers are looking for entertainment at this particular time. In France, sales of board games, for example, jumped by 83% between 16 and 22 March compared to the same period last year, according to the NPD Group.

And the trend has continued and even strengthened since then with a 20% increase in purchases of outdoor toys during the week of April 13 to 19, which coincides with the spring holidays, four points more than in 2019. “An opportunity for children who are lucky enough to have a garden to take advantage of the arrival of the sunny days to spend a little more time outside,” explains the NPD Group.

37% of the French play more than before confinement

The “outdoor” segment has thus emerged as the best performing segment after board games with the arrival of the spring holidays, with playgrounds, Smoby houses and slides, but also Nerf pistols and Molkky skittles recording the best sales in this category.

“With the arrival of summer, parents want to see their children play outside and get some fresh air if they can, and their purchases are moving towards categories that are more in tune with the season,” says Frédérique Tutt, a toy market expert for the NPD Group.

In total, 37% of the French say they have played more with games and toys since the start of confinement, more than the Germans (only 27%) and the English (31%). This enthusiasm is especially marked among 18-34 year olds (53%) and parents of minor children (47%), but 22% of people without children also say they have spent more time playing during confinement.

Planned purchases before the end of containment

Good news for game and toy manufacturers, more than one in five French people (21%) plan to continue buying games and toys before the end of containment, more than the Germans (18%) but less than the British (25%).

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